Damaged Luggage/Items:

Ace Xpress will not be held responsible for any damage occurring to luggage, packages, equipment, or any associated contents including, but not limited to, personal electronic devices (i.e.iPads, phones, laptops, etc.), keepsakes, prescriptions, or any other items of sentimental or real value.

Lost Items:

While attempts will be made to reunite passengers with items left on shuttles, we are in no ways obligated to do so, nor will we be responsible for arranging for return. Travelers are encouraged to contact +1.928.649.2720 to check if we recovered any goods matching the description of those reported lost. Unclaimed items will be held for a minimum of 14 days and will then be shared with local charitable organizations focused on protection from abusive relationships or organizations focused on supporting and lifting those of modest means. 


While Ace Xpress strives to safely deliver you to your destination ahead of schedule, Ace Xpress and its affiliates will not be responsible for delays arising from traffic conditions, weather, road issues, mechanical issues, or any other conditions outside of our control. Unfortunately, any costs associated with such issues (i.e. delayed or missed flights or travel connections, missed appointments, lodging, rebooking, etc.), are the sole responsibility of the passenger. Therefore, we HIGHLY encourage you to check into travel protections that may be offered by your credit cards or travel insurance programs.

Cancellations and Refunds:

Except for travel related delays, reservation cancellations or changes must be made at least 1 CALENDAR day by 7:59PM (Arizona time) in advance of your expected travel day. For cancelation 1-2 CALENDAR days before travel future ride credit will be issued as long as the changes are received before 7:59PM (Arizona time).  Because drivers and scheduling have already been built around your anticipated trip, neither refunds or credit will be issued to customers failing to call in or cancelling on the date of travel. For payments made on reservations that are canceled before 7:59PM (Arizona time) 3 CALENDAR days or more in advance, the traveler will be eligible to receive a full refund (refunds from credit cards will take 3-7 days, prepayment with cash or check will be issued by check and should be available 10-15 days after cancelling). Same day reservations are non-refundable. For roundtrip reservations, cancelation of the second half of the trip once the first leg has been completed will receive ride credit for future travel.

Example: For travel at 8:00AM on January 31, the traveler would have to cancel the trip before  7:59PM (Arizona time) on the 28th for a full refund. Cancellations before 7:59PM (Arizona time) on the 29th and 30th would receive ride credit for future travel, and except for weather and airline related travel delays, cancellation on the 31st would result in a loss of the full fare. 

"Don't be a jerk" policy

While our team members strive to give exceptional service to all, we do not require that they tolerate abusive behavior. Nor are they permitted to tolerate abusive behavior from one passenger to another. Should the driver feel that passenger behavior violates our "Don't be a jerk" policy, the passenger will be given a verbal warning. Should the behavior continue, drivers are fully empowered to pull the vehicle over and require the passenger to leave the vehicle. If such ejection occurs, the passenger will be given a full refund and prohibited from any future travel with Ace Xpress. Should the passenger feels the expulsion was not warranted, they are encouraged to contact our office to appeal.